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to the story of Lauscha and its


Lauscha, for the first time documentarily mentioned in 1597, lies in the midst of the Thuringian Forest. The construction of a glassworks was the beginning of a glass industry which was mainly characterized by its numerous home workshops. Lauscha became the production centre for artistic glass in Thuringia. Apart from use objects and toys jewellery pearls were also produced from glass, which the glassblowers from Lauscha developed the glass Christmas tree decoration from in the middle of the last century.

village glassworks to Lauscha

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Herbert Bäz at the production of a human eye

Lauscha however isn't only famous for his Christmas tree decoration but also for his eyes from glass. In 1835 Ludwig Müller- Uri invented the artificial human eye from glass here in Lauscha. Our family has produced them since 1870. On the left you see my father producing such an artificial human eye from glass.

human eyes from glass

A further important branch of the glass industry is represented by the art glass blowing. There are no limits of the variety of glass items. Vases, balls, glasses and glass animals are produced as well from solid as from empty glass. You can produce almost everything from glass whether forest animals or fish or elephants or parrots or swans. An artistic glass animal manufactured in front of the lamp is always a special gift idea for every kind of occasions.  
glass animal assortment Anette

glass animal assortment Sabrina

I offer a choice of this extensive glass animal and Christmas tree decoration assortment by glass dispatch. All glass animals to be found in my offer are produced in home industry in front of the lamp. You use glass tubes or glass rods which are pulled manually in the glassworks as raw material. Therefore an inexhaustable colour variety exists. Small colour deviations don`t represent any errors, they are in the nature of the things. All glass animals and Easter eggs are manufacured according to old traditions in Lauscha or in the immediate vicinity. All glass items represent an unique specimen as they all are exclusively produced by hand and they are all formed freely.
glass rods-

the raw material for the

glass animal production

The Christmas tree decoration products to be found in the offer are also manufactured in home industry according to old tradions in front of the lamp. Here you use glass tubes which are blown to balls or other shapes as raw material. Sometimes moulds from 100 years ago are used for this. The transparent birds, cones, fruits, Santa Clauses and many more things are silver- plated, lacquered and colourful painted. According to the various Christmas customs and the prevailing taste new variants were and are always made with the help of manual skills and formal imagination.
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Günter Bäz at the work